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Ultrawideband Notch Antennas for Wireless Applications

Abstract - The ultrawide antennas are great demand for rapidly growth wireless communication system. The ultrawideband antenna covered wide bandwidth with lower power consume with coverage of short distance wireless communications. The planar microstrip antenna designed for UWB application due to its monopole feature, The monopole antenna consists bandwidth and are preferred due to easy of fabrication low cost and light weight. The main disadvantage of UWB antenna is its interference with the undesired frequency bands. The undesired frequency bands are stopped by creating the notched of the undesired bands in the UWB bandwidth. The paper covered a review on UWB antennas with notches i.e., single band notch, dual band and triband notches. The notch in UWB antenna means that it rejects that frequency band. This paper is also explaining the design techniques for designing the notches in the UWB antennas. This paper will be helpful for the new researchers that want to work in the field of UWB notch antennas. Keywords - UWB, Ultrawideband, Notch, Wireless Applications