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Motorhomes In India: Issues And Challenges

A motorhome is a type of self-propelled recreational vehicle or RV which offers living accommodation combined with a vehicle engine. Motor home is equipped with a lounge, a tiny kitchen, refrigerator, a toilet and separate shower and a luxury bedroom to provide the personalized comfort of home and office for people even when travelling. Motor homes offer a very safe and comfortable travelling option. In our country, Bollywood stars, high profile politicians, business tycoons, and sports personalities so far prefer to use vanity vans/motor homes/recreational vehicles for their respective objectives. Big corporate houses are exploring the marketability of motor homes /caravans. Over the years, it is observed that owning to the rapid growth in Indian tourism industry, there is shortage of accommodation at tourist destinations, especially in remote areas, in such condition; Motorhome/Caravan/RV Tourism can effectively meet the growing demand. At this backdrop, the present paper makes an attempt to study Motorhomes in India and its emerging issues and challenges. Keywords: Motorhomes, Recreational Vehicles, Travelling, Comforts, Tourism.