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An Optimization Study of Biodiesel Production from Argemone Mexicana Oil and Its Application in Multi-Cylinder Crdi Engines

Research work explores the possibility of using argemone oil (non-edible and adulterer to mustard oil) as a source of biodiesel. The salient feature of the research work is to optimize the reaction parameters of transesterification reaction for argemone oil.The experimental results show that the maximum yield was obtained with the Na metal catalyst. To further optimize the appropriate combination of transesterification reaction parameters, the Taguchi method was employed in the present study. The maximum yield of 95% was obtained with the transesterification reaction conditions as catalyst concentration = 0.5%, Molar ratio = 6:1, Reaction temperature 60℃, reaction time = 1.5 h. An evaluation of the properties of biodiesel produced from argemone mexicana oil revealed that it is an appropriate alternative for diesel fuel. Consequently, argemone mexicana biodiesel/diesel (AGB/diesel) blended fuel was tested in a diesel engine, and the results showed that higher in-cylinder pressure and heat release rates were found at all the test conditions except low load for the AB20 blend. Keywords - Argemone Mexicana Biodiesel, Compression Ignition Engine, Cyclic Variability, Wavelet Power Spectrum