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Structural Analysis of Macpherson Strut Suspension Coil Spring for Quarter Car Model

This paper focuses on structural analysis of Macpherson strut suspension coil spring for quarter car model by changing three different materials (hard drawn, chrome, silicon). In the theoretical calculation of design wire diameter for three different materials, the design wire diameter range is between 11.36 mm to 13.26 mm. Structural analysis of 13 mm wire diameter coil spring is analyzed by theoretical and numerically. In the comparison of theoretical and numerical results, minimum deflection, maximum spring stiffness, maximum crippling load and minimum von-Mises stress and strain are found that on hard drawn wire coil spring. So, hard drawn wire coil spring is more suitable than the other two types of materials. And then structural behaviors of hard-drawn wire coil spring is analyzed by changing different wire diameters (11 mm to 13.5 mm) with ANSYS software. In the comparison of (theoretical and numerical) von-Mises stress and allowable stress of the hard drawn wire coil spring, 11.5 mm wire diameter of coil spring is the minimum safe diameter of suspension coil spring for Nissan SUNNY 2017 model. Keywords - Coil Spring, Wire Diameter, Materials, Theoretical, Von-Mises Stress, Ansys