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A Study on Free Vibration Analysis on Diagrid Structural Systems Using ETABS

The paper deals with the comparative study on G+29conventional structurewith diagrid using ETABS. With the help of parameters called Storey displacement, Storey drift, Base shear. The scarcity of the available land is causing high rise buildings to expand quickly in the present. The lateral loads brought on by wind are earthquakes determine how high-rise buildings are constructed. A wall frame, braced tube, shear wall, outrigger, and tubular system all contribute to the structure's lateral load resistance. Due to its structural effectiveness, the diagonal-diagrid grid design has recently become popular for tall buildings. Diagrid constructions are becoming more and more well-liked because of its attractive architectural style and capacity to withstand seismic stresses and horizontal wind loads. Due to their distinctive form and characteristics, diagrids, a branch of diagonal bracing systems, are gaining more and more attention.