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Review on Thermoelectric Module

Refrigeration systems are vital processes in industrial and residential applications because they conduct cooling or maintain temperature at a specified value and permit the transit and storage of pharmaceuticals and biological materials to keep their efficacy. The increased worldwide need for refrigeration has resulted in the creation of more power, and as a result, more CO2 is generated all over the world, adding to global warming, thus efforts have been directed toward the development of alternative refrigeration system such as thermoelectric refrigeration, which is eco-friendly, cost effective and efficient in operation. Thermoelectric devices are developed based on Peltier, Seebeck and Thompson effect on which major advancement and development is going on at present. This review paper is based on thermoelectric system, explored by many researchers. This paper encapsulates the advancement in thermoelectric material and modules. Keywords - Peltier Effect, Seeback Effect, Thompson Effect, Thermoelectric Refrigeration