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Baggagemobitily in Urban Logistics: Scientific Finds and Market Trends

In this article, a review of recent published works and patents that address the management of baggage mobility in the field of urban logistics’ operations is presented. There are certain studies and services that provide for the delivery of baggage to a destination chosen by the passenger, thus providing greater safety and comfort to its users. These services allow baggage to be trans-ported from a home, hotel, or office to the airport and vice versa. Once the user selects his baggage collection and delivery route, the service provider carries out the delivery through its local agents. Finally, when the passenger arrives at the airport, he can check his baggage and carry out the necessary operations with the airline. However, it was observed that in the literature, when combining urban logistics with baggage transport/mobility, the number of published works decreases, contrary to when searching for examples of existing applications. Based on the Systematic Literature Review (SLR) method, recent studies were cited that contributed significantly to proposals and applications in the management environment of urban logistics operations, specifically for baggage transport, and include identification and analysis of relevant associated aspects. In addition, some patents associated with design variables are presented and analyzed that deal with the challenge of transporting baggage not only within the airport, or only in the urban network, but in both, circulating between the itinerary: home, hotel, office and/or airport. It is important to highlight that in several studies it was emphasized as a challenge, so much so that scientific works were found that address the transport of baggage only in the urban network and/or the transport of baggage only internally in airports, such as on conveyor belts, warehouses. Finally, baggage mobility in the field of urban logistics combines concepts and technologies to create proposals and models to simulate and solve problems faced by travelers. Keywords - Operations management; Urban Logistics; Baggage; Literature Review