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Reducing Vehicle Interior Noise Caused By Floor Panels

Absorption and damping materials are used to control noise and vibration in the automotive industry. It is reasonable to utilize FE analysis to determine the location of damping materials in order to reduce the time and cost associated with developing a new automobile. In this study, a finite element model of the front, center, and rear floors, as well as all adjacent panels, was created. Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) are performed, and the dynamic behavior of the model is studied using the MSC Nastran software. Although covering all areas of the front and center floors with damping material is the most effective method for reducing noise, doing so causes the mass to increase significantly, which creates complications. To find the optimal solution, the results of the analysis were reviewed, and damping materials were proposed to cover critical areas. The floor's mass would increase by 2.6% as a result of applying the optimal method. Keywords - NVH, FEM, Damping Material, Floor panel