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Waste Reduction in Production Processes in The Discrete Industry Through VSM

Organizations are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity, save costs, and boost customer satisfaction in the very competitive environment of discrete manufacturing industries. This study aims to address these issues by examining the use of lean manufacturing and Value Stream Mapping approaches to shorten lead times in discrete manufacturing processes.Lean principles have proven to be a valuable methodology for optimizing processes by eliminating waste and improving overall flow. This study delves into the practical implementation of lean principles, such as 5S, Just-in-Time (JIT), and Kanban, within discrete manufacturing environments. It explores their effectiveness in streamlining operations and achieving significant reductions in lead times.In conclusion, this research contributes valuable insights into the synergistic approach of Lean techniques and Value Stream Mapping as effective tools for lead time reduction in discrete manufacturing industries. By leveraging these methodologies, organizations can optimize their operations, enhance their competitive advantage, and ultimately provide better value to their customers. Keywords - JIT, Lead Time, Kaizen, VSM