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Analysis on Optical Properties of Aluminum Indium Phosphide LED

A photonic device, especially an LED, can convert electrical energy into optical energy. The electronic and optical properties of Aluminum Indium Phosphide (AlInP) combination in the zinc-blende structure were investigated. The green color emission of Aluminum Indium Phosphide (AlInP) LEDs provides luminous efficiency in high-brightness LEDs. The optical properties of ternary compounds are described in terms of energy band structures, carrier distribution of electrons in the conduction band, hole distribution in the valence band, and the Fermi-Dirac distribution function. Luminous intensity versus photon energy has been attained based on the carrier concentration of electrons and holes in the conduction band and valence band. These designs are calculated using an analytical approach, and the simulation results are presented using tools for computer-based simulation Keywords - Aluminum Phosphide Indium Phosphide, Light Emitting Diodes, Light Intensity, Computer based Simulation.