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Performance Analysis Of Solar Flat Plate Collector

Now a days the usage of natural resources are highly in progress because artificial resources such as electricity, gasoline, fuel etc are in declination stage and are very expensive. Solar radiation from sun is emitted and falls on earth surface this radiation is collected by using solar collectors. The present work is aimed to predict the performance of flat plate collector tested for 3different days, using an application of water heating. The material used in the work is absorber plate, tube or pipe made of GI, casing and glass. The absorber plate material is mild steel and tube or pipe material is galvanized iron. Mild steel material have absorbility is about 0.8 with black paint coated. The tube material is galvanized iron which is mild steel with coated with zinc for corrosion resistance. For this selection of material the maximum efficiency obtained was 9.75% at temperature 670 c Keywords: Flat Plate Collector (FPC), Tout(Outlet temperature), Tin(Inlet Temperature), Glazing cover, Glazing frame, absorber plate