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Research And Education on Simple Fabrication Methods for Superconductor Materials

In engineering education, the method of conducting experiments and practical training during lectures is called "insitu education.” However, it is difficult to conduct experiments with long fabrication times during lectures because of the lack of balance between lecture times. Nonetheless, for bismuth-based superconductors in the 110 K class, we were able to confirm superconductivity even with a short sample mixing time. Therefore, we believe that if we can shorten the time required for sample preparation, we can conduct experiments to fabricate superconducting materials during lectures. We divided the students into two groups and assessed the samples fabricated with different mixing times. By incorporating an experimental component into the lecture, we were able to increase the students' interest. Furthermore, we found that changing the experimental conditions yielded new results. In this paper, we report the results of preparing and practicing the fabrication of superconducting materials as in-situ educational materials. Keywords - Manufacturing, In Situ Type Education, Bi-Based High-Temperature Superconducting Materials, Sintering Method