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Application of Space Traversal Technology to Establish An Efficiency Navigation System on Goods-Finding within A Virtual Store

With the development of virtual reality technology, 3D virtual stores can browse the scenes and objects of the store and carefully view the objects from all angles. Especially for the older adult group with weaker mobility, there is an additional shopping option for them to access online stores freely. However, issues such as feeling lost in hyperspace and difficulty in goods-finding have also been raised. This paper applied space traversal technology to establish a goods-finding navigation system for solving such issues. The results showed that the space traversal navigation system could efficiently help older adult customers search for the goods they wanted to buy and shorten the search time. Simultaneously, the evaluating scores of cyber sickness caused by space traversal navigation were significantly lower than those caused by traditional map navigation. Keywords - Virtual Store, Space Traversal Navigation, Map Navigation, Cyber Sickness, Goods-Finding.