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Fabrication Of A 5 D.O.F Robot Arm Controlled By Haptic Technology

Robotic Surgery is developing very fast in terms of technology. The paper specifically aim to develop a low cost Five degree of freedom Robot arm controlled using Haptic Technology. Robotic Arm using haptic technology can be implemented for medical application in developing and under developing countries. A 5 DOF robot arm is designed which motion tracks a human operator's arm motion including open-close hand tracking by the end-effector. The work is exclusively focused on the controlling of the robot arm using the Accelerometers and Gyroscope. The accelerometer gives the position and the gyroscopes gives us m the orientation of the hand movement, so the appropriate movement of the robot arm can be made in accordance with the human movement. The value’s from the Acclerometers and Gyroscope is converted into corresponding angle of rotation to the servo’s in the model. Keywords- D.O.F-Degree of freedom,C.A.D-Computer Aided Design