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Investigation On Double Slope Solar Still Under Various Water Depths

Water scarcity and polluted water bodies are one of the severe problems faced by the globe and green technologies to obtain pure water is very necessary in the current world scenario. In the conceived project, the solar radiation is made trapped in a still by which the wastewater (hard water) gets evaporated and then condensed to get potable water. In this technical paper, an attempt was made to analyze simple solar still for various water depths viz. 0.5 cm, 1 cm, 1.5 cm and 2 cm. Water depth in a solar still is predominantly influenced the rate of evaporation and thereby the amount of condensate production. It was observed that yield increased by 19 % for 1.5 cm, 32 % for 1 cm and 51 % for 0.5 cm when compared to that of 2 cm water depth. Keywords- Solar Still, Water Depth, Evaporation, Condensate.