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Analysis and Simulation of Load Frequency Control for Two-Area Power System Using Fuzzy-Pid Controller

A power system control is required to maintain a continuous balance between power generation and load demand. Frequency control is a major function of automatic generation control and one of the most important control problems in electric power system design and operation. Frequency instability is a significant imbalance between load and generation. Thus, it is needed a proper control system to control the frequency.This paper mainly focuses on the design of two-area power system using fuzzy-PID method to control the load frequency control. It also aims to suppose from one area to another one when the demand change suddenlyincreasesor decreases.It consists of the function of an automatic generation control through the aid of models and mathematical equations. The models include several individual blocks with specific functions. Initially, the scheme is applied to single-area power system and then extended to two-area interconnected system using with/ without controller. These designs are calculated using an analytical approach, and the simulation results are presented using tools for computer-based simulation. Keywords - Load Frequency Control, Fuzzy Logic Controller, Fuzzy-PID Method, Single Area Power System, Two-Area Power System, Tie-line.