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Design and Development of End Effector of Scara Robot for New Generation Thermal Test Bench

The focus of the project is to design and develop the mechanism of end-effector forloading and unloading of electrical switchgear breaker using factory automation robots. Theswitch-gear products have a variety in numbers of poles varying from single pole to quad pole.The end-effector should be capable of picking Four single pole, Two double pole, One threepole and one four poles at one instance. The end effector should enable quick loading andunloading of breakers to ensure higher machine utilization. Hence the end effector is a twinpick-up assembly with pick-up assembly containing four parallel gripper arrangements. The end effector should withstand maximum rotation speed of the robot and satisfy the payloadconditions of same. This paper elucidates the Design, Simulation, Bill of Materials andManufacturability of such end effector along with application development using factoryautomation robot. Keywords - Switchgear, Automation , SCARA Robot , Thermal Test Bench.