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Mechanical Behavior Of Metal Particles Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites

Polymers have long been used as a substitute to various conventional materials. There mechanical properties have also been reconstructed several times, for different purposes, using reinforcing agents. In the present study, the purpose was to investigate the effect of metallic fillers on the mechanical properties of a commercial epoxide resin (PL-411). Copper and aluminium were thus reinforced as filler particles, having size less than 100µm. Tensile strength, compressive strength and vicker’s hardness were evaluated and compared. Fillers were varied in their weight percentage (i.e., 1%, 5%, 8%, and 10%) and their behavior in matrix was investigated under scanning electron microscope. Experimental data from tensile tests were compared with Bigg’s equations. With the addition of ductile fillers, tensile strength gradually degraded. Both hardness and compressive strength increased with an increase in filler content Index Terms- Aluminium, Compressive strength, Copper, Scanning electron microscopy, Tensile strength, Vicker’s hardness.