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Micro-Structural Analysis And Multi-Objective Optimization In Gear Cutting Process For Aisi 304 Stainless Steel Using Wire EDM

Wire EDM is a non traditional machining operation process in which complicated profiles are cut by the help of a wire by the mechanism of heat from electrical sparks by the help of dielectric fluid, distilled water or de-ionized water. Gear cutting is a complex profile in which small miniature gears are cut by the help of wire for manufacturing of high quality gears through preliminary experimental investigations. The proposed work deals with the micro-structural analysis and optimization of high quality gears having input parameters as Pulse on time (Ton), Pulse off time(Toff), wire feed rate (WF) and wire tension (WT).The objective is to optimize the process parameters that is MRR and kerf width of fine pitch spur gears made of stainless steel and study their micro-structural analysis. The gear has a base diameter of 28.19mm, face width 5.23mm, addendum diameter 36.66mm, pitch circle diameter 30mm and a pressure angle of 20⁰.The Wire is made of brass and has a diameter of 0.25mm.The values of MRR and kerf width of the gear obtained by the experiments were optimized by using Principal component analysis (PCA). Micro-structural analysis is also studied during this process. Keywords—Addendum, Gear, Principal component analysis, Wire EDM