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Non Linear Simulation Aircraft Behaviour Simulink

The governing equations of flight motion in six degrees of freedom are well established [1] [2]. The flight dynamic behavior of the aircraft can be evaluated by solving that governing equation of flight motion. The present work focuses on evaluated the flight dynamics behavior of the flying vehicle in its linearized form. In this form, the governing equation of flight motion can separated in the form as governing equation for a longitudinal motion and the lateral direction flight motion. In this respect, the present work focuses on the solution of the governing equation of flight motion in both direction (longitudinal and the lateral direction). In addition to the present work also solve the governing equation of flight motion in its original form. The governing equation of flight motion whether they are in its original form or its linearized form related to the problem of solving an ordinary differential equation. s. The choice of which technique to use to solve such type equation are depended on the desired accuracy of the solution and the computational effort to be expended. Here one may use Euler’s method, Second Order Runge-Kutta method, Fourth Order Runge-Kutta Method or Third Order Adams-Bashforth method [3]. In view of Matlab programming, the governing equation of flight motion in its linearized form can be solved by use of Laplace transform while in term of governing equation in its original form can be solved by use a Simulink. Both approaches had been to evaluate the flight dynamics behavior of a Piper Cherokee PA 28-161 Warrior airplane. The evaluation is carried at two flight conditions. The first flight condition is at trim condition if the aircraft is set at flight speed 147.00 ft/sec and at sea level. The second condition is set with starting point aircraft a trimmed flight conditions the control surfaces and thrust are changed simultaneously. The results show that for particular state variables of the flight behavior there are a significant different result between a linear and non-linear solution of the problem in hand. Index Terms— Simulink, flight dynamic analysis, state variables and Piper Cherokee PA 28-161 airplane.