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Spider Web Texture Of Polyaniline Electrospun Fibers To Heighten The Ac Conductivity

Present work demonstrates the preparation of ultrathin nano electrospun fibers of Polyaniline (PANI)/polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with different concentration by electrospinning Method. To investigate the structural changes in PVA/PANI electrospun fibers were studied by FTIR technique. The appearance of new peaks reveals the idea of proper blending for polymers. The morphology and Ac electrical conductivity of ultrathin micro and nano electrospun fibers were investigated by FESEM, HRTEM and Broadband Dielectric Impedance Spectroscopy techniques respectively. In the morphological studies we attended the formation of uniform and complex bead-free nanofibers. The enhancement of frequency and temperature dependent ac electrical conductivity was observed at higher concentration yielding 10-6 S/cm by the virtue of hopping mechanism might be playing important role in the conduction process at higher frequency range due to high concentration of PANI. The enough conductivity of PVA/PANI electrospun nanofibers with their complementary properties opens new horizons towards electronics application. Keywords: Composite, Electrical properties, Nanofiber, Polyaniline.