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Bridge Cum Bandhara – A Crossing And Storage Bridge Structure

In our country where many rivers run dry after the end of monsoon, it is a need of the day to block the post monsoon flow for drinking, irrigation etc purposes. Bridge cum Bandhara (BCB) system is a dual purpose bridge structure which fulfills both crossing as well as water retaining motives. This paper emphasizes the analysis and design of different type plans of Bandhara system for different soil strata. Design forces are taken for Bandhara piers using IRC: 6-2010 and stability of structure is checked against overturning, sliding, uplift and for maximum and minimum pressures at the base. A parametric study is carried out to decide optimum dimensions of Bandhara piers for various heights of retained water. Moreover quantities are estimated for all the type plans and compared. The study reveals that with the judicial optimum design, the cost of BCB would be well within financial norms depending upon the storage on U/S side. Index Terms– liftoff, needles, piers, shear key, weir