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Analysis Of Cylindrical Water Tanks- Wind Or Earthquake

Most of the time designer takes decision to consider either wind or earthquake load for design of staging for Elevated Service Reservoir (ESR) based on his experience; to save some calculations. This paper aims at providing governing load case for ESR i.e. whether wind or earthquake force is governing. Earthquake analysis is done according to IS 1893 Part I & II, Wind analysis is done according to IS 875-1987 (Part III) & IS 875 draft (Part III). In this paper ESR of staging height 12m is considered with capacity varying from 20 m3 to 100 m3. Analysis has been done using SAP-2000. Three types of soil conditions, namely soft, medium, hard and seismic zones, Zone-II, Zone-III, Zone-IV and Zone V are considered. Wind analysis is done for wind speeds of 39 m/s, 44 m/s, 47m/s and 50m/s. The results have been presented in terms of graphs, showing leading load case for staging design. Index Terms—Wind static analysis, Wind dynamic analysis, Earthquake analysis, Equivalent point load, Response reduction factor