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Critical Study Of RCC Balancing Tank

Water supply system is the important part of the society. This system has various stages to supply water from source to population. One of the important stage is balancing tank which receives the water from main source under the gravity flow or pressure flow and pumped to the next level. Analysis and design of such reservoir is important as any failure to reservoir will directly affect on water requirement of community. An excel program has been made for analysis and design of cantilever type retaining wall of balancing tank for various probable critical cases and load combinations. Effect of different soil parameters such as cohesive and non cohesive soil around tank on wall stability has been studied which shows that cohesive soil around the soil gives higher section of tank wall than non cohesive soil. Also the comparison made between IS 1893:1984 and IS 1893:Part3;2014 for cohesive soil and non cohesive soil. Uplift effect due to seepage and water bodies near tank wall such as canal has been studied for static, earthquake analysis with seismic acceleration coefficient 0.15 for 5.5m and 6.5m height of tank wall. Effect of shear key on stability of tank wall studied for different soil parameters, uplift due to various critical conditions, and height of tank wall. It is observed that when shear key provided, section size ultimately concrete quantity reduces. Index Terms—Balancing Tank, Cantilever Retaining Wall, Cohesive Soil, Non Cohesive Soil, Uplift.