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Control Of Wall Climbing Robots Using Mobile Phone Through Dual Tone Multi Frequency

An increase in the development and control of wall climbing robots is seen in the past decade to manoeuvre on various surfaces. It needs a special adhesion method and control system for various applications such as inspection, maintenance and safety. In this paper, electroadhesion principle is used which is a versatile technique as the robot will be able to adhere on surfaces such as steel, glass, wood, etc. Various adhesion pads were developed out of which the use of transparent tape as a di-electric medium resulted in a better adhesion when a high voltage was supplied to the conductive material. Many of such robots are controlled simultaneously by the Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) generator which corresponds to the button pressed and provides a corresponding output. Based on the tone received, a DTMF decoder which is interfaced to a microcontroller controls the various actions of the robots and acts as a universal remote control system. Control of five robots was achieved by using this technology. Such robots can be used in areas which are hazardous for human work as the robot can be controlled from any part of the world. Also, the application of Android apps such as AutoAnswer and IP Webcam is used to provide a better versatile technology. Keywords-Wall climbing robots, Electroadhesion, Android, DTMF, Arduino Uno.