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Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis Of Cracked Aluminum Plates Repaired With Bonded Composite Patch

Abstract- In this work, the fatigue crack behavior of V- notched Aluminum 7075-T6 plates, of 2mm thickness, bonded with single side carbon composite patch configuration was experimentally investigated. This covers the study of the repair efficiency and fatigue life of cracked samples patched with three different patch thicknesses consisting of 4, 6 and 8 plies. Also, different stress ratios (R=0 and R=0.1) were applied. Furthermore, a complete set of similar tests on unrepaired configurations to compare and calculate the efficiency of bonding, were studied. In general, the obtained results showed that the repair efficiency is affected by the stress ratio and the thickness of the patch. Also, the life and load carrying capacity of adhesively bonded specimen were increased. Moreover, the bonded patch increases the fatigue life off all repaired samples ranging from 2.27 folds for 4 and 6 plies to 4 folds for 8 plies. Index Terms- Bonded composite repair, Fatigue life, Constant amplitude loading.