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Dynamic Simulation Of Manipulation Of Cylindrical Nano Particles With The Use Of AFM Based Nano Robot

With the extensive use of the Atomic Force Microscope as a tool for nano assembly and the inability to real time monitoring, the use of computer simulation to predict the process of nanoparticles displacement has become the focus of attention. In transferring cylindrical nanoparticles, three modes of sliding, rolling and spinning can be observed. In this research, by investigating the forces applied on a nanoparticle and considering the contact forces, a model has been presented that simulate dynamic of the process. An algorithm for predicting the movement of a nanoparticle on a substrate has been introduced. The results presented in this paper have been validated by comparing them with the simulation results. By using the presented model, the movement path can be predicted with regards to all the effective parameters, and a controlled displacement of a target nanoparticle can be implemented using the presented model. Keywords: AFM nanorobot; Motion modes; Dynamic: Manipulation.