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Supply Chain Management: For The Indian” Agri Food Sector

Indian civilization is one of the oldest civilizations, and therefore it has the rich heritage and legacy of the various schools of thoughts. It may really be beneficial to learn from the core principles of the yesteryears so as to extract the standing principles that provided the vitality and the vigour for the Indian civilization to grow and flourish from the time immemorial till today. The present research work reflects the existing supply chain architecture of the Indian Agri-food sector and provides areas where concentration is needed for its improvement. The research work is followed by designing an avant-garde sustainable supply chain model named as “Project Samridh Bharat” for Indian Agri-food sector. The present study also highlights the impact of FDI in Indian scenario and is followed by developing a performance measurement framework for the Agri-food supply chain network by an analytical decision making tool named analytical hierarchy process (AHP).