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Analysis Of Impact Force Identification On A Lightweight Structure-Rectangular Plate

Abstract— High efficiency, functionality, quality and assuring a high profitability are the main requirements for products in today’s world. In mechanical and civil engineering, these requirements are manifested in the application of thin and lightweight structures. Mechanical light weight structures tend to undergo unwanted vibrations due to impact forces, which come into picture in working condition. Hence determination of impact load is important for detecting and analyzing the flaws in lightweight structure. This paper presents a novel hybrid method for the determination of the impact load in the thin plate based on inverse method. A rectangular plate with four supports is used as a test rig to simulate the motions of simple vehicle body. By measuring responses of similar impact force at remote points away from impact points and measuring FRFs of test rig, unknown force and their time histories can be recovered using this method. The results yields significant data to regulate ill effects of vibration and design better products. Key Terms— Frequency Response Function, Impact Force, Inverse Method, Vibration.