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Design Of High Performance Bituminous Mix Using Tannery Waste

Abstract— Bitumen, in its natural form, possesses good qualities to be a binder in the mix for laying flexible pavements. Still there are so many studies undertaken to improve the properties of bitumen; different additives are also being tried. The tannery waste is one of them. Many additives like Polythene, Glass Fibres, Coir Fibres, Sisal Fibres, etc are used in Hot Mix Asphalt in various proportions for developing High Performance Bituminous Mixes. In this study, properties of buffing dust, bitumen and aggregates have been carefully studied, recorded and tabulated after testing the buffing dust, trimming waste, bitumen and aggregates based on the MoRTH guidelines. Marshall specimens of bituminous concrete with and without buffing dust were prepared as per the standard procedure laid down. Index Terms— Bitumen, Buffing dust, MoRTH , Tannery waste