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Study The Affect Of Solar Photo Voltaic Pump For Enhancing Economic Condition Of Farmers

Abstract‐Agriculture is most important part of the any developing country. Irrigation of land is essential for any agriculture production. In our country, un‐irrigated areas constitute more than 70 percent of cropped land. To improve the economic situation of the country and our farmers, there is urgently need to provide the irrigation facilities to these cropped lands. Therefore we have studied the affect of solar pump to enhance economic scenario in the arid and drought prone regions of the country by selecting the best suitable crop. Topography, climate and soil conditions of the country have been studied. On the basis of requirement of the soil and crops to be grown, solar pump has been designed. Production of crops and its values has been obtained and profit of different crops has been predicted. Comparison of profit with irrigation with help of solar pump and rain fed condition has been obtained. It is predicted that, there is large impact of solar pump in the economic development of the region. Payback period for solar pump cost has also been obtained and it found out and concluded that it is different for different location.