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An Integrated Framework And Manufacturing Quality Maturing Index For Manufacturing Optimal Quality Products In Automotive Industries

Complex products and complex process are most common in automotive production industries, and the complexity continues to increase day by day so it is needed for our process to have all capability to meet product characteristics. The process planning is an activity within the production process that translates design requirements into a detailed descriptive instruction for transforming the raw materials to finished products. Design requirements are normally generated from customer survey conducted by the marketing team of the company while developing the new product. While planning the process in the shop floor, we need to give importance in understanding the product requirement and identify the product critical characters and process critical characters. To meet this productrequirement, we should establish process capability, monitor skill matrix of the workers, Mistake proofing of required processes, as an integrated approach and this papers deals about it, also it gives clear view regarding manufacturing quality maturing index-a novel approach in maintaining the desired product quality consistently. Keywords: Product criticality; Process criticality; Gemba Capability; Skill matrix; Mistake proof; Process capability; Manufacturing Quality Maturing (MQM) Index.