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Design And Fabrication Of Spokeless Bicycle

This spokeless bicycle system for design and fabrication of a bicycle that does not have spokes within the wheels. This bicycle includes a frame having a seat structure and handle bars, a rear bracket having rear bearings within that concentrically engages a rear wheel, a front bracket having front bearings within that pivotingly engages a front wheel which is poked, and a drive train that engages the rear wheel for driving the rear wheel. The rear rim of the rear wheel includes a rear groove that receives the plurality of rear bearings. The rear rim of the rear wheel includes a rear gear that is engaged by a drive sprocket from the drive train. The front rim of the front wheel being spoked receives the plurality of front bearings. Thus,providing a mechanical setup less in weight, sturdy in design which is cheap and ecofriendly. Index Terms— Driving hub, Milling, Oxy acetylene welding, TIG welding.