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Waste Heat Recoevry System For Ships

Globalization in the modern era is dependent on the international logistics, the economical and reliable means is provided by the ocean going merchant vessel. Most reliable method of propulsion applied by most of the vessels is marine diesel engine. Due to increase in the oil prices the ship operators explore for reduction cost of the operation of the ship. The newly adopted IMO’s EEDI & SEEMP regulation calls for the most effective measures to be taken in this regard. The main engine of the ship suffers a lot of thermal losses, they mainly occur due to exhaust gas waste heat, radiation and cooling. So to increase the overall efficiency of the system, we use the waste heat energy of main engine to increase the fuel economy. In our paper we deal with the problem of using this waste heat. The exhaust gas of the engine coming out of the turbocharger still holds considerable amount of heat. This heat of the exhaust gas can be used to heat the liquid of fewer boiling points, which can be used to drive turbine and produce electricity. Keywords - Waste Heat Recovery System, Engine Exhaust, ORC, R245fa, Power Generation.