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Investigating Mechanical Properties Of Saw And Smaw Welded Joints & The Effect Of Smaw-Repair Of Saw Welded Specimen

The objective of this article is to investigate the mechanical properties of single v-groove, single pass welded joints of ASTM A515 Grade 60 (group designation B) mild steel using submerged arc welding (SAW) and shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and also to study the effect of SMAW-Repair of SAW welded Specimen for mechanical testing. This study was conducted to understand the relevance of practical applications. A backing was provided by Metal Active Gas (MAG) welding process on the first two specimens followed by a single pass of SAW and SMAW (on the opposite side with a single v-groove) respectively. For the third specimen SMAW-Repair- was done over a 40% gouged SAW coupon and a similar MAG welding backing was initially provided. This was done in order to study the repair of previously welded SAW joints by SMAW welding. These three specimens were then tested for – Charpy Impact test and Vickers Hardness test, and metallographic studies were conducted with a microscope in order to study the resulting microstructures. Also the chemical composition was obtained by spectrometry. The results of the above investigation have been documented. And they were evaluated for chemical composition and weld microstructure variations for aforementioned welded coupons. Keywords - SMAW, SAW, SMAW-Repair, Mechanical Testing.