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Selection Of Best Blend Of Fuel Using Diesel-Ethanol-Butanol In A Ci Engine By Ahp-Promethe

Due to increasing the demand of fossil fuel and adverse impact on environment, selection of best blend paly a great rule in alternate energy production. In this paper, application of multicriteria decision making (MCDM) technique is applied for selecting the best blend of diesel for the CI engine. The proposed method, Analytical Hierarchy Process is integrated with PROMETHEE II (Preference Ranking Organization Method for Enrichment Evaluation) to evaluate the optimum blend. Selection of suitable blend is depends on expletory analysis of the performance and emission parameters of single cylinder, constant speed direct injection diesel engine at constant (full) load condition. Here AHP is used for determining the weights. PROMETHEE II are used for final ranking of alternative. From the ranking D94 E05 B01 blend is selected best for performance parameters by AHP-PROMETHEE II. As well as D72 E25 B03 blend is selected best for emission parameters by AHP-PROMETHEE II. Keywords - Four stroke CI engine, Performance and emission characteristics, MCDM techniques, Optimization.