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Investigation Of Mechanical Properties Of Bi-Directional Hybrid Natural Fiber-Sisal Banana Jute Hemp Polymer Composite Materials Used As Orthopaedic Implants

In this research work the investigation of mechanical properties of Bi-Directional Hybrid Natural fiber or orthotropic form or Mat type polymer composite material with +/- 0 to 900 orientation used as implant material. From this research work Characterization of 16% and 24% weight fraction of Hybrid Natural fiber with epoxy resin by using 04% aluminum oxide as Filler material ie ceramic powder the purpose of filler which increase strength and hardness of the laminate and these materials are used to prepare Natural fibre Hybrid composite material and along with mechanical test is carried out to find mechanical properties of these laminates or specimens and the specimens are prepared according to ASTM standards by using Vacuum bag moulding method and the following tests like Bending D-790 and Compression D- 3410 is carried out for these specimens and results are compare with femur bone prosthesis and finally suggesting 24% Hybrid Natural fiber polymer composite material for Bio medical field application. Keywords— Natural Fiber-Sisal Banana Jute and Hemp fibre in orthotropic form Hybrid Polymer composite material, vacuum bag moulding method, orthopaedic Implants.