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Effect Of Varying Machining Point On Deformation Of Crankshaft Pin In Orbital Grinding System

In this study, the influence of varying machining point on the deformation of a crankshaft pin is investigated. The model is simplified with the stock and vibration dampeners replaced by stiffnesses. While the grinding wheel machines the pin part, the force acting on the work piece changes continuously. Analysis was done for 24 positions: 360 degrees was divided with 15 degree interval. The deformations are toward the center when the pin position is under the wheel center, but slightly outward the center when the pin position is over the wheel center. This is because the gravitation affects the deformation significantly. In addition, while the machined pin position and force direction change, the vibration dampener positions were fixed. This affects the deformation. IndexTerms- Deformation, FEM, Orbital Grinding.