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Analysis Of Cannonballs Penetration Depth And Sand Temperature Colliding Into Sand Medium

There are several types of firing tests of cannonballs. In ground firing tests, cannonballs without gunpowder charged are fired against sand heap. When a cannonball collides into sand, the cannonball’s penetration depth, stress and sand temperature depend on the sand properties. Sand tends to become harder than before after plenty of cannonball firing. This is because kinetic energy of a cannonball is dissipated due to friction. Thus, analysis of temperature in sand is important. In this study, a method of sand temperature analysis is suggested.It is found that temperature rises by about 150℃, and the temperature risein sand depends highly on sand density. The results obtained in this study can be used in management of impact test sites. IndexTerms- Penetration, Sand, Cannonball, Temperature.