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Fatigue Durability Analysis Of Glassfibre Reinforced Epoxy Composite Laminate And Damage Estimation And Loading Prediction

Fatigue durability analysis of polymer composites is not an easy task, due to its viscoelastic behaviour. Unlike metals, fatigue life prediction for polymer composites is a difficult task, and S-N curve simply cannot be applied. The 3- point bending fatigue test was conducted for the samples of glassfibre/epoxy composite laminate specimens, prepared by hand layup process and compacted in a hot press. The test consisted of loading the specimens at constant amplitude alternating stress levels and frequency 5 hz. Initially, some of these specimens were immersed in sea water, some in fresh water in normal conditions at room temperature, and some exposed to humidity RH 85% in a humidity chamber. After moisture diffusion, at saturation level, these specimens were tested for fatigue strength at frequency 5hz for different loading conditions to predict fatigue damage estimation and optimum loading prediction using S-N curve. Keywords: Fatigue Durability, Moisture Diffusion, , Polymer Composites, S-N Curve