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A Two-Stage Value Chain DEA Application To Assess Performance Measurement Of Commercial Banks In Cambodia

This study aims to assess the performance efficiency of commercial banks in Cambodia within 2011 to 2014 utilizing two-stage value chain data envelopment analysis (DEA) application. The model is integrated with intangible perspective to investigate two sub-processes of banks operation and profitability performance. This paper not only determines cause of inefficiency factors for commercial banks, but it also offers a benchmarking process and reference set as best-performed for the relative inefficient banks to improve their performance in both stages as well as an entire performance. The empirical analysis illustrates that three banks obtain efficiency score in overall performance among 27 banks while only one bank and 24 banks are inefficient in operation and profitability process, respectively. This result indicates that 96.30%and 11.11% of the banksefficiently perform in operation and profitability process, respectively. Furthermore, the model provides a benchmarking value to inefficient banks to enhance the intermediate outputs and the service quality in order to move to efficiency frontier line. Keywords- Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), Two-stage value chain, Cambodia's commercial banks.