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Application Of Electrocoagulation Mechanism For Cod Removal Of Dairy Wastewater

In this study the electrocoagulation mechanism was used to remove chemical oxygen demand of dairy wastewater. In the process, the effects of initial pH, electrolysis time, voltage were examined. The optimum operating range for each operating variable was experimentally determined. The greatest removal efficiency was obtained with the use of aluminium as anode and iron as cathode (Al–Fe system).With this latest system, optimal values of voltage, initial pH, boric acid concentration and electrolysis time were 8V, 7.0, 5 g/L and 30 min respectively. The batch experimental results revealed that COD in aqueous phase was effectively removed. The overall COD removal efficiencies reached 88.54%. Keywords - Aluminium Electrode, COD, Electrocoagulation, Iron Electrode,.