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A study on stress analysis for design of pressure Vessel

Pressure vessel is a leak proof vessel which has two important functions viz. (1) it should be failure free container and (2) it should separate the gas and liquid. Pressure vessels are very often in spherical, cylindrical and cylindrical shells with hemispherical end shapes. Main part of cylindrical pressure vessel is shell and head. When the pressure vessel is in operation, it is subjected to different pressures which lead to stress. It is due to internal pressure and different loads because of self weight and fluid weight. Normally, the stresses will be acted on vessel wall. If vessels could not retain its strength, wall material exceeds the maximum allowable limit which leads to failure. Therefore, it is important to understood and quantify (resolve) the stresses. The main objective of this paper is to design the standard cylindrical pressure vessel and calculate the stresses induced in the various part of the vessel by manually and compare these results with the ANSYS results. Keywords- Pressure Vessel, ANSYS, Design Stress, Failure Criteria.