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Clutch Assembly Modeling And Dynamic Analysis

In this project dynamic analysis of clutch assembly will be carried out. Clutches are useful in devices that have two rotating shafts. In these devices, one of the shafts is typically driven by a motor or pulley, and the other shaft drives another device. The clutch connects the two shafts so that they can either be locked together and spin at the same speed, or be decoupled and spin at different speeds. In evaluating the stresses and strain in the part, modeling and simulation are used. The modeling of the clutch assembly is modeled using 3D software. Here we will be using Pro E for modeling. The simulation part will be carried out using the Analysis software, ANSYS. The created model is exported to ANSYS by converting it to IGES format. The imported model is meshed in ANSYS and boundary constrains are defined. With the Boundary constrains, the stresses and strain of the clutch assembly can be determined and the values are tabulated. Thus the investigation of stress and strain is carried out using ANSYS. This project will also help to learn Pro E and also ANSYS. Keywords- Clutch Assembly, Pro E, Design And Material Optimization, ANSYS.