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Productivity Improvement In Small Scale Industries

Small scale industries play an important role in Indian economy. It has emerged as powerful tool in providing relatively larger employment next to agriculture. It contributes more than 50% of the industrial production in value addition terms and generate one third of the export revenue. Global markets are continuously changing and demanding product of high quality and low cost. In this paper, the needs of TPM implementation in Indian SMEs and its effects on productivity, quality of product, culture of the organization, maintenance activity etc are discussed. The outcomes of literature of some case studies were kept in mind that all these show that the implementation of TPM in SMEs is still very low or negligible in India. Therefore, more effort should be given in developing a better model or there is a need to develop a proposed model for TPM implementation in SMEs. Finally, a TPM implementation methodology is proposed. The objective of this paper is to study the roll of OEE in Indian manufacturing industries either from small scale to large scale industries. Through a case study of implementing TPM in a small scale Industry for enhancing OEE of the company, assessment of performance losses in the production facilities, contributions of TPM initiatives in improving the organizational performance are discussed and analyzed. Moreover, the results of implementing TPM are also compared with previous one and find the importance of TPM implementation in Indian organizations. Keywords- Small And Medium Enterprises, Total Productivity Management, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Etc...