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Degradation analysis in tensile property after Accelerated moisture diffusion in glassfibre Reinforced composites

Moisture diffusion is one of the phenomenon observed in Fibre reinforced composites exposed to marine ambience or water body structures. The materials are exposed to variations in temperatures and humidity. Moisture diffusion depends upon the nature of the resin, porosity, temperature, humidity, salt water concentrations, fibre orientation, fibre volume fraction, void content, resin matrix interface, interfacial bonding. Moisture absorption produces debonding of the fibre matrix interface and this deteriorates the mechanical properties of the composites. The amount of degradation depends upon the percentage of moisture absorption which may cause swelling of the matrix phase and weakening/breaking of the matrix/fibre bond. This affects the short term and long term durability of the composites. In this study three types of Glassfibre reinforced composites, Glassfibre/epoxy, Glassfibre/vinylester, Glassfibre/polyester resin laminates are fabricated by hand layup process and compacted in a hot press. Tensile test experiment is performed in UTM on the cured specimens to study the degradation in Tensile property after moisture diffusion at different conditions of accelerated elevated temperatures in hot wet resin matrix and theoretically evaluated and analysed by finite element model. Keywords— Accelerated testing, Finite element model, Marine ambience, Moisture diffusion, Tensile strength.