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Supply Chain Risk Management

As risk management and supply chain risk management in particular has recently come to the attention of researchers and practitioners, advancement in risk management practices can be noticed over the past few years. However, according to several research reports, only a small minority of companies are operating at a mature stage of supply chain risk management. This report review the results of a research study on supply chain risk management conducted. Obtained input from over 50 supply chain executives across multiple industries through mail survey and an in-depth face-to-face meetings with six companies. The survey results provide the basis for this paper and allow us to put an up-to-date “twist on risk.” our intent is to provide practical guidelines that companies can use today to mitigate and manage supply chain risk. The survey data allow us to make up-to-date observations on the following Documented risk Management Processes, Facility loss and Backup Plans, Supplier loss and Backup Plans, Supply chain risks and risk Mitigation Strategies Keywords- supply chain risk management, mature stage, DRMP, facility loss, backup plans, risk mitigation strategies, etc