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Yaw Moment Control Design Using Body Slip Angle Estimator By Local Modeling Approach

A local modeling approach is used to design a Fuzzy Kalman Filter based controller algorithm and applied to electric vehicle for lateral dynamics stabilization, which generates direct yaw moment as a driver assisting action to compensate for the state deviations under critical situations. The control scheme is mainly based on a fuzzy body slip angle (  ) Kalman Filter using local dynamics models of the vehicle. Initially, local equivalent vehicle models are built using linear approximations from the vehicle dynamics which lead to a simplification of the complicated nature of the original model, local representations are used for low and high lateral acceleration operating regimes. Finally, local observers are combined to build the overall controlled system by using fuzzy rules.The controller can then be robustly synthesized based on Linear Matrix Inequalities and using the deviation states model. The simulations using real-time experimental data show that controller-observer pair gives good performances in term of stability and reduce the complexity of the real-time implementation issues compared to some other algorithms existing in the litterature. Keywords- Side Slip Angle Estimation, Kalman Filter, Local Modeling Approach, Lmi Design, In-Wheel Ev