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Investigation Of The Mechanical Properties Of The Glass/Epoxy Composites Reinforced With Nanoclay Particles

In this paper, the influence of nanoclayClosite 30B on the mechanical properties: Tensile strength, Tensile modulus, Fracture strain, flexural strength, flexural modulus and mod and Toughness of 2D woven Glass/Epoxy laminated composite is investigated experimentally. The glass/epoxy/nanoclay laminate has 12 layers and 60% fiber volume fraction is made by VRTM method. Fibers have a plain-weave configuration with density of 200gr/m2, while the nano-epoxy resin system is made of diglycidyl ether of bisphenolA (epon 828) resin with jeffamine D400 as the curing agent and an organically modified MMT nanoclayin a platelet form, namely Closite 30B. The nanoclay is dispersed within epoxy with 0%, 1%, 2%, 3%, 5% and 7% ratio in weight with respect to the nano-matrix. The 3% and 7% nanoclay content have shown the most increase in the tensile properties. For 7% nanoclay content, the tensile strength is increased by 13%, failure strain higher by 7% and toughness by 27% while the 3% nonoclay has 9% higher. Keywords - Polymer-matrix, nano composites, Tensile properties, Bending Properties, Mechanical properties, Nanoclay, Glass fiber.