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Overall Productivity Improvement In Casting And Fastening Industry

The purpose of this research is to improve productivity for small and medium scale casting industry. This research focused on the company, which produce various mechanical components by casting processes. This research used changes in plant layout, flow of material movement for better utilization of plant area for improve the productivity. Objectives towards accomplished this study is to identify problems in the casting and fastening process and improved it in terms of reduction in production time, number of manual process and back flow of materials by proposing an efficient plant layout and design of components used for loading of material used in fastening process. This research used systematic plant layout technique, concept of semi automation in casting process, solid edge model with design, which is used for loading of fasteners. The improvement in productivity was executed by eliminating back flow of work process, which reduces production time, number of process and effectively utilization of plant area. Reduce in time of loading fasteners in rotary retort furnace by suggestion implementation of hopper with mechanism with it proper design. Overall productivity improvement by solve problems of ergonomics, manual process, material handling, ineffective utilization of plant area, back flow of materials, etc. Field of research: Plant layout, Productivity, Ergonomics, Sequence of processes, Design of hopper, Proposed change in layout, Semi-automation, Material handling.